All Stars all of them, 10 star folk
These sales reps are the best in town. Angel and Luis, pleasant as can be. Genuinely helpful and seemingly interested in making your desires a reality. From the moment you walk in they make you feel welcome, like friends that have been waiting for you. Helpful and knowledgeable what else can you ask for. Bravo boys. Now Stephanie, the best finance professional I have ever sat with. Looks you in the eye, pays attention to what you are saying and leaves no stone unturned to meet your need. Kudos to you Stephanie. You are up there with the best of the best. I never thought to own a Harley, but when I saw that white Road King, I knew I was home and she had to be mine. This team of reps. made it happen, sooner rather then later. They made me part of their family. Go, go now, see any Empire Harley Representative I'm sure they are all on the same page when it come to making your dream a reality. (Employee: Angel Ortiz, Luis Marin, Stephanie Burnman)
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James Cruz
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