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I had brought my 2019 ultra glide in for its 1000 mile service. Dee took me in this was just about closing. She had my bike back as soon as humanly possible. No surprise. Friendly and took time to answer my questions. Stephanie help my friend with his loan. Hook him up with extras and made sure he understood everything. Got him a good loan that he can work with. He did not have his title to the bike he was trading in, she did not delay the transaction she let him ride out that day on his 2016 road king. He did not have the registration on him, he was going to get new plates, but she noticed he had Vanity plates. She redid the paperwork so he could keep the same plates. Mind you the sale was done after hours so she was doing all of this about an hour after closing. Such a great team. Angel, awesome dude I bought my last bike from him. Check on me and was very focus even after the sale. It was not like he was keeping me line up for the next sale. It was like checking in on a friend. He was so good that when my friend was ready to upgrade I took him to see him. Same outstanding service. S (Employee: Dee Klein, Angel Ortiz, Stephanie Burnman)
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Anthony Pratt
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